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Ode to my fucking far away

When we were together
I couldn't wait to go to bed
We would stay awake for hours
Just talking about nothing

Now we are apart
And I simply can't sleep
Wondering what nothing
We would be talking about right now

Sometimes I dream -
Sitting outside your house
Surprising you as you would leave for work
Telling you all the things I never did say

But you're so fucking far away
You can't even kiss the rain
You can't even see my tears
Or hear me weeping as I call out your name

All the words have been said
And poets have written this song before
This is nothing new to anyone
But it hurts like hell and it's killing me softly

So I'll stare at the sky with diamonds
And I'll pray to god who you say doesn't exist
I'll also smoke another cigarette
And smile as I would think of how you hated the taste of it on my lips

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